A Moms Space was formed by a mama who understands the challenges of motherhood (really, if you have kids, who doesn’t?), and with a deep desire to provide a place where moms can go for community and support The Moms Space was born.

This is a place to reclaim YOUR space!  It’s important, afterall, and it should not be a (sidenote).

As mothers, our instinct is often to nurture everyone else before ourselves.  When we forget to make time for self-care we end up feeling burnt-out, disconnected and don’t have enough resources to care for our families the way we would like.

A Moms Space offers many opportunities to give to yourself, as well as your family:

  • classes to find peace and self-connection
  • fun group activities to do with your kids
  • ways to connect with other mothers
  • professional services to find healing and support
  • fun, unique and educational retail options
  • outlets to find personal inspiration
  • physical & emotional support
  • intuitive & spiritual path explorations
  • and much more!

Whether your desire is to just get out of the house for an hour, find a fun activity to do with your kids, or are seeking opportunities for deeper self-discovery and personal healing – we are here for you, from pre-pregnancy to postpartum, and all the way through motherhood & beyond.  We house a gathering of private practitioners to serve your motherhood needs.  Explore our list of collaborators and events to see what appeals to you! Drop in during our retail hours to shop, enjoy some some conversation and receive support from our caring staff; as well as meet other clientele who might be seeking the same things.  There’s a spot for the kids to play!

How can you reclaim your space?  Come in and give to yourself, gather with community, rejuvenate, have fun with your kids, find your truth & inspiration as a mother, and find joy as the individual that you are!

Not just for moms …

We understand that the entire family unit works like cogs inside a clock, so we haven’t forgotten about dads and kids too! We have offerings for the entire family – children’s classes, events for papas, and more!

Also housed within our space is an intuitive development center aimed at helping individuals to discover their truth so that they may follow their own path. Many opportunities for personal growth and self-healing will be presented on our event calendar and these events are open to everyone – parents or not!

Welcoming of ALL families!

We know there is no standard definition to the family unit in today’s world. No matter what your family’s form – blended, non-blended, adopted, foster, lgbtq, grandparents/relatives, special-needs, single parents, all income levels, religious/spiritual/non-religious, crunchy/non-crunchy, etc – WE WELCOME YOU! Additionally, if you would like to form a support group, class/workshop to serve your family’s specific scenario, we are always open to expanding community based around your needs!