Childbirth Education

Birthing From Within Childbirth Preparation Classes

We are pleased to offer 4-week Birthing From Within® series and 1- day Express Mindful Birth classes led by  Rebecca Peterson of Sacred Breaths.

These classes are for you if: you are looking for a mindful birth preparation class that includes useful pain-coping practices and visualizations to prepare for all possible ways a birth can unfold and for those wanting to connect with your baby and your partner in a collaborative way about the birthing process and early postpartum time.

View Below for Offerings and more details about what is offered in these classes.

4-week Birthing From Within Series, Thursdays from 6-9pm

Birthing From Within® Childbirth Preparation classes are mindfully focused on providing expecting couples with the tools that they will need to give birth in awareness and move through the unknowns of labor with presence and compassion.  Inspired by the landmark books, Birthing From Within, Ancient Maps for Modern Birth by Pam England and Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth, Rebecca’s classes are solution-oriented, experiential and useful in guiding parents through what they will need to birth mindfully.

  • Comfort Measures: labor positions +  breath-centered pain coping practices
  • The stages of labor + what it might look like
  • Physiology + Hormones of birth, including baby positioning
  • How to ask questions + get information before, during & after birth
  • About medical pain-relief, including the Epidural + how to know when hey are useful options
  • Cesarean birth options/Family-Centered Cesarean plans
  • Pushing + how to use your breath & body to guide your baby out
  • Immediate postpartum care (entire family)
  • How to baby-proof your relationship

4-Week Birthing From Within Childbirth Preparation Series start dates (click dates to register:)

Express Mindful Birth Class, Sundays from 10am -6pm

Inspired by Birthing From Within, this 8-hour express childbirth class is designed for those couples who would like a more mindful birth class in one sweet express class!It covers the essential topics related to childbirth preparation PLUS the heart stuff. Parents walk away with confidence in themselves and a deeper connection to their babies and the birth process.

Parents in this childbirth class will learn about:

  • The stages of labor + what it might look like/ Physiology + Hormones of birth
  • Labor + birth positions
  • Useful breath-centered pain-coping practices
  • Hospital Interventions + when they might be necessary
  • How to mindfully birth by Cesarean
  • Pushing + early postpartum

*Class includes a 45 minute lunch break*

*Class requires a minimum of 3 registrations to hold the class*

Express Mindful Birth Class one-day dates (click dates to register:)

Rebecca Peterson, of Sacred Breaths, offers Birthing From Within-inspired classes & manages Childbirth Class offerings at A Moms Space in Lafayette, Colorado. She has been teaching classes since 2012 and offers private sessions as well as private coaching options for parents who have specific questions or aspects of the pregnancy, birth and postpartum time, in addition to a childbirth class.

Find out more about her on her website! Please contact Rebecca at (720) 938-2176 with questions or visit her website: