Maybe you’re a solopreneur working from your local coffee shop and hoping for a boost in inspiration. Maybe you’re a work-from-home mom in desperate need of a quiet moment.

Whoever you are, you found us because you are searching for a quiet space to work, but you don’t need to commit to a full-time office space. You are seeking wholeness in all avenues of your life.

Our shared workspace is a boutique co-working studio in Lafayette, Colorado.

Mompreneurs, conscious entrepreneurs and other people who are working on manifesting their own reality and wish to do so in a like-minded community will find an inspirational home here.

Our established solopreneurs and practitioners are passionate about amplifying each other’s vision.

You’ll find a supportive, motivating community within our co-working space.

Here you will find the opportunity beyond just a place to work, but we also offer many ways to awaken to your true potential so that your business can also evolve.

Space is limited; the space is primarily quiet but we will offer occasional motivational meditations, yoga classes, and masterminding sessions to get “unstuck” and “out of your own way.”

Would you like to learn more about sharing a work space with us?

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