Artfull Mother

Offerings at A Moms Space

  • Window Art
  • Portrait and Artistic Photography Display

Official Bio

I have always been artistic, though I didn’t discover my medium until 2003 while on a 3 year adventure in Hawaii. I returned to my hometown of Boulder, Colorado, with a vision to bring the art of henna here. After becoming a mother and starting my path of fertility, I found my calling in honoring women’s pregnancies and celebrating the birth of their babies with henna.  This is not my original idea, it is a tradition that comes to us from the Berber culture of North Africa.

For the past 9 years I’ve adorned over 600 pregnant women for my book series, Blessed Belly, Blessed Baby: Honoring Motherhood with Henna Tattoos, and also for our magazine, Artfull MotherDevoted to the interests of LOCAL mothers and the art that empowers them! My husband Rob and I work together to create these publications; a free download is available via our website.  We’ve also been doing a lot of portrait, product, promotional and artistic photography: both on site and in the studio.

I found that I have a knack for branding, creating logos and a visual identity for businesses! While Rob and I work our magic on websites together…  we fix-up old sites, give them new life and create brand new websites, designed just for their owners, at a reasonable price.

To see my henna artwork and photography, visit SarahKate Butterworth

To see my magazine, visit Artfull Mother Magazine