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Offering at A Moms Space

  • Pick Up Location for weekly meals – every Wednesday and Thursday
  • Offering a discount code for first time customers from A Moms Space: MOMS5
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Official Bio

Back to Basics Kitchen offers healthy fully cooked meals made fresh, from scratch, with organic and local Colorado ingredients. Outrageously delicious, satisfying and convenient with no minimums or obligations.

Order from a new menu each week with gluten free, paleo, dairy free, vegetarian and GAPS friendly options.

At Back to Basics Kitchen we value health on all levels and believe food is one fundamental way to support physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It fuels our bodies which in turn support us in all other aspects of our life.

Eating can be a source of great pleasure. In our experience enjoyment of food is as important as it’s nutritional properties. And fortunately we’ve found the more nourishing the food, the more flavorful!

And sharing the pleasure of food as well as knowing the story behind it fosters connection with our families, our communities, and the land that supports and provides for us. This sense of connection with our natural world and each other is another fundamental need we have as humans, and we choose to make food in a respectful way that honors connection.

We are committed to sourcing nutrient dense, consciously raised and grown ingredients in accordance with our standards as directly from the source as possible.

Transparency and trust are the standards we rely on throughout our creation process and the most important offering we have for you. We list all of our ingredient for each menu item and if you ever have a question about our ingredients, sourcing, or cooking process, we encourage you to contact us.

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Susanna Minichiello, founder of Back to Basics Kitchen