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Brittany Burke is a birth and postpartum doula, certified yoga instructor, and licensed social worker. Brittany has her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago and her 200-hour yoga certification for CorePower Yoga (recognized through Yoga Alliance). Prior to starting her journey into the birth world as a doula, Brittany worked as a mental health therapist offering individual, group and family therapy in a variety of settings including an inpatient psychiatric hospital, school-based settings, and outpatient therapy clinics. She has served clients of various ages from early intervention (birth to age 3) to adulthood, however the majority of her career was spent working with adolescents.

She had the opportunity to offer support and empower clients experiencing a range of challenges associated with anxiety and depression, suicidal/ homicidal ideation, family conflict, environmental challenges, and various forms of trauma through various forms of therapy. She has also been offering yoga services since 2008 across various settings in different formats and empowers clients by connecting to their true selves and innate potential.

She was called to her doula journey following the birth of her amazing little boy, Sawyer in July 2016. Brittany loved being pregnant and found the connection throughout the prenatal period incredibly empowering and life-changing, however her true calling spoke to her after having a traumatic birth experience where she truly recognized the importance of having unconditional love and support during pregnancy, the birth process and postpartum period as well as the value of community and resources to make informed-choices. After taking the time to process through her own birth story, she realized that her birthing experience happened so she could offer nonjudgmental support, guidance, education, and advocacy to empower other mothers and families throughout this journey so they feel worthy, powerful and respected regardless of the unpredictable twists and turns along the path. Shortly after, she completed her birth and postpartum doula training through Doula Trainings International. It is Brittany’s mission to help women feel grounded in their process and experience so that wherever this journey takes them, they feel confident, safe and valued throughout each stage and beyond. She fully honors, values, and supports each individual journey and path, Brittany is forever grateful for her experience and continues to learn, grow, and be inspired by powerful, beautiful, fierce women every day along this path!