Awakened Single Mothers Program Application

As a single mom, you do it all . . . the nights shifts, sick days, homework, playdates, bill payment, cleaning, meal times, snuggles . . . you name it, and you take care of it. All of this work takes an enormous amount of energy, and most of you use all you’ve got to make things work for your family. And on top of it all are the loneliness and various levels of emotion that can incur when doing it solo.

So what happens when your energy is low but you must go on? What’s more, how can you recharge to ensure your cup is full as you pour forth the care? Often, you likely have little to no means of self care, run on empty, get stressed out, and burnt out, which leads to degradation of the family you work so hard to keep together.

Does this sound like you?

Great news! We have a FREE program to help you shift your life:  an opportunity to join in community — to build inner resilience tools, experience meditations to heal from the past, and learn intention setting techniques to create your future.  Ultimately, empowering these you with unique skills to help in daily life, which will create ripples out into the community, as well as offer a dynamic shift for future generations.

An 8-week series that will offer techniques to bring practice and awareness to:

-how to use one’s energy to care for yourself first
-managing ‘to-do lists’ in an effortless way
-releasing guilt & unneccessary responsibilities
-meditations to reset the nervous system to disengage from stress
-healing old patterns in relationship, to self and others
-inner resilience tools to work through challenges mindfully
-knowing one’s inner voice
-self-healing via meditation
-mindful energy awareness
-female creative energy as a tool to manifest
-using intention to live in conscious creation
-having permission to create and change their life
-accessing personally unique mind/body/spirit wisdom
-trust & belief in oneself
-harnessing personal power
-a practice to care for & honor themselves

PLUS the Program offers the support of a circle of woman who understand the single mother story, weekly childcare and meals during sessions, and special guest offerings including art therapy, restorative yoga & more! For FREE!

Classes will take place on Sundays from 4:00-6:30pm, from June 25th through August 13th. An evening meal will be shared among everyone, children included. Class is from 4-6, and then we eat!  If you apply please be sure you can attend all 8-weeks!

Would you like to join us?
Please complete the application at the bottom of the page to become a part of the Awakened Single Mothers Program! We are accepting applications on a rolling, first come first served basis based on spaces we have available for childcare. Selected applicants will join the Awakened Single Mother Program, a unique series of self-care classes utilizing mindfulness & meditation to enhance personal and parenting success.

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