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Intuitive Training Program – Year 1

July 29, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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An event every week that begins at 10:00 am on Thursday, repeating indefinitely

Ready to transform? Intuitively look at yourself from a neutral perspective, practice unique techniques to heal old patterning, create new paradigms in self awareness, and live a more consciously aware and intentional life. Cultivate trust in your intuition, connection to spirit, and master your energy. Learn to READ energy – auras, past lives, chakras, etc and see how this can really shift your life. This course is deeply nourishing to both body and spirit!

Taught by Stacia Synnestvedt.

Meets: Every Thursday 10am-Noon, for 1-year
Join anytime once you meet pre-requisites:
Reclaim Your Space (amomspace.com/events for next dates, occurs every 4-6 weeks)
How To Read Energy Techniques (meet with Stacia Synnestvedt to learn)
Direct questions to: intuitivestacia@gmail.com

More Details:
A 12-month course utilizing simple, yet powerful tools to increase your intuitive awareness, to discover your own answers, for lasting and authentic self-transformation.

We all have innate intuitive abilities, or a sixth sense that we can exercise, and this course is a wonderful way to tap into the true meaning of “psychic” – which simply means relating to or connection of the soul. Deeply healing, and nourishing to both body and spirit!

The course utilizes a proven toolset to help you access your intuition in a clear and easy to follow format. The premise of this methodology, is that you feel safe and guided as you open up to your sixth-sense. As you practice in the weekly classes you receive validation, insights, and trust in your intuition like never before. The classes lead you on a sacred journey within – in a challenging and committed – yet fun and validating way. As you progress you will notice BIG shifts in you life!

In this course, you will:

-Learn techniques to set energetic boundaries
-Discover How To Read Energy: within yourself and give readings to others!
-Open up to the expansive abilities of your 6th sense in a certain, safe and controllable way
-Work with the wisdom of aura layers & chakras
-Journey through past lives & Akashic Record teachings
-Gain knowledge and practice working with spirit guides and other entities (helpers and hindrances)
-Get to know your Astral Body & explore The Astral Plane
-Practice energy healing techniques
-Learn basic & advanced teachings on spiritual principles
-Get to know male/female energies within yourself
-Release lower vibrational energies with conscious awareness
-Transform old stories/patterns
-Gain insight into the waves (ups and downs) of life, and ride them with more awareness
-Cultivate trust and certainty in your Soul’s Path and how to take steps present time
-And so much more!


Life-changing practices!
In a weekly course, utilizing a proven step-by-step process to clearly access your intuition. You will be led through meditations to look at yourself from a neutral perspective; offered unique spiritual perspectives; learn techniques to clear old patterning; create new paradigms in self awareness; and begin to master presence and intentional action.


In this program you will:

Clear Unwanted Patterns
Learn techniques to ground yourself; set healthy personal and energetic boundaries; run energy to clear and own your space; free yourself from unwanted patterns; find new ways to become more consciously aware and intentional within your life; master taking inspired action within all that you do.

Tune Into Your Wisdom
Gain conscious awareness of your wisdom as a spirit; help yourself and others without giving away your energies.

Have More Peace, Permission & Validation
Find stillness within your inner-self; validate emotions and the body; transform through spiritual awareness.

Trust Your Intuition More
Develop certainty and trust in your intuition through a proven format of meditations and other techniques to transform yourself and understand the world around you; really learning how to be embodied this lifetime!

Find your Psychic Strength
Clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc – everyone has these abilities, it’s just a matter of finding which one you are good at, and using the muscles to practice and expand from there!

Learn to Read Energy
Learn to read past lives, aura layers, chakras, work with spirit guides, understand karma, explore the astral plane + many more spiritual perspectives and energy awareness modalities.

Each class will contain meditation, spiritual teachings and ways to realign your energy from your intuitive knowingness.

All the work will help you to raise your frequency to hold space for a rapidly changing world.
Is Your Soul Calling To You?
The veil is lifting on the planet, more and more people are tuning into their intuitive abilities to help them with this thing called life.
Are you tired of the same old stories?
This course will offer techniques to pull your limiting stories at their root, and make space for a new opportunities to come in! This is how you will truly shift your mindset and patterns of emotional overwhelm.
Are you seeking a more perfect life?
Well, first, we should emphasize that there is NO SUCH THING as a perfect. The perfection lies in the imperfection. This course will give you some tools to ride the waves of life with more awareness. This can help to bring in more ease, personal truth, perspective and intention – even when things get challenging!
Would you like to access your highest self, align with your truth and feel confident that you are on “the right” path?
We will pave the way, creating a clear connection to your highest truth, and cultivate certainty in what you are here to do this life!
Do you doubt you have psychic abilities? Or does that thought scare you?
Past lives, aura layers and other energy awarenesses are accessible by everyone! Tuning into information in this way is transformational and fun!
Does this all sound just a little too woo-woo?
We are here to bust the myths about what WOO is to each and every individual who is curious. There is a reason you have read this far, right? That probably means you are curious! We strive to deliver the information in a grounded, real-world manner, that is easily translatable into your everyday life. You just might enjoy it!

This information is FUN for the lover of woo-woo, yet grounded and accessible for the more analytically minded. Great for those that know there is more than meets the eye who want to explore more! We will work together to help you to peel away the layers of your lifetime – and lifetimes – that bring in doubt, uncertainty, fear, control, lack, and more; thus helping you move more into certainty, seniority, and love.

The work of this course is first and foremost on yourself, which can then be translated into a sacred space holding for those around you. Together, we will magnify and reflect our intentions and healing potential as lightworkers on this planet.

Inspired action in the world, comes from knowing yourself, and having a willingness to grow.

We are learning through everything we do in life. It is when we can stay present with what is in our life that true transformation can happen. The course will help you to work with concepts between the physical and etheric that will help you to align to your truth present time. You will gain clarity into blocks and life lessons, work with the energy behind them, and learn to trust divine unfolding as we connect and heal with our most inner and highest selves.

***This is a year long training to give time and space for mind/body/spirit integration; through the commitment to yourself you create true transformation and gain mastery of the techniques.***

You can graduate as an ordained minister from the non-denominational spiritual center ‘The Church Of Inner Light’

Questions? Email Stacia at intuitivestacia@gmail.com

Cost: $235/month

Pay via check or online each month as you go:

Discounted Cost: $200/month

Write 12 pre-dated checks for each month or pay via 12-auto deducted monthly payments below: