Ann Bruinsma Energy

Offering at IME Space

  • Qigong Energy Healing Sessions
  • Core Synchronism Body Healing Sessions
  • Guided Meditation Classes

Official Bio

Ann is an Energy-body practitioner and a Natural Body worker with a diverse knowledge of many holistic modalities. As an integrative specialist, she brings your Spirit and Body into the alignment it was originally designed for.

She uses Qigong (Chinese Medicine) to work on the energetic matrix of the body. This includes the meridians, acupoints, chakras, organs, and the energetic field. The focus is to open, balance, clear, and improve the quality of the body’s energetic systems. Clients frequently experience improvement in their mental/emotional state, feeling more stable and aligned with the true self.

Ann uses Core Synchronism to work on the physical body as it relates to the etheric nervous system. The intention is to synchronize the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid with the subtle rhythms of the bones, brain, organs, nervous system, and breath. Clients often report a reduction in pain, more restful sleep, and a sense of calm.

Working with people of all ages, Ann is passionate about helping clients through major, transitional life events. Whether an accident, injury, childhood scarring, or the loss of a loved one, Ann offers relief to bodies and spirits that have not healed.

In her prior schooling and career, Ann graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois with a double major in Economics and Math. She was a business analyst for more than a decade, and now applies analytical skills to define and quantify the impacts of holistic medicine. Ann enjoys sharing these life-changing techniques with others in supportive ways.

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